Anne Arundel

Wee-Sale September 24-27th

Prince George's Sports & Learning Complex
8001 Sheriff Road, Hyattsville MD

Thursday September 24th 9-8, 2015

(***NO CHILDREN of any kind on opening day, this is for the children's safety as we have so many attend on the first day, thanks for your understanding, last sale we had over 1200 people shop on opening day***)

Friday, September 25th 9-8, 2015

Saturday, September 26th 9-5, 2015 (25% off day)

Sunday, Septmeber 27th 9-2, 2015 (50% off day)

Please bring a non-perishable pantry item for the food pantry at the Mission of Peace.

Annapolis Hours

Sunday September 20th

DEADLINE to register and enter your items 12PM (midnight)

Monday September 21st

8AM - 9PM Drop-off for registered consignors

Tuesday September 22nd

8AM - 9PM Drop-off for registered consignors

Wednesday September 23rd

9:30 AM - 7PM Specialist Shop

10:30 AM - 7PM Team Leader Shop

11:30 AM - 7PM 16 Hour Manager & Money Mama Shop

12:30 PM - 7PM 12 Hour Managers, Money Mamas PLUS Team Members who work a third shift on Thursday!

1:30 PM - 7PM 8 Hour Hour Team Member Shop

3:00 PM - 7PM 4 Hour Team Member Shop

4:30PM - 7PM Consignor Shop

5:30PM - 7PM New Mom Shop

Thursday September 24th

9AM - 8PM Public Sale

Friday September 25th

9AM - 8PM Public Sale

Saturday September 26th

9AM - 5PM Public Sale (25% off)

Sunday September 27th

8AM - 2AM Consignor 1/2 Price Sale

9AM - 2PM Public 1/2 Price Sale

2:15PM - 3:15PM PRIVATE "Dollar Dash for Charity" Sale

(Consignors only)
Doors will close to everyone at 2PM sharp, room will be cleared (including all team members). Money Mamas and any team members working during this shift will be given 15 minutes at 2PM to shop but must be ready to check out at 2:30 so we are ready to check everyone else out. If you want more time to shop this new "Dollar Dash" then do NOT sign up to work this shift.

Anything that is marked DONATE is for sale (for Consignors) to purchase for $1 (CASH sales only). *** To be sold at the Dollar Dash the tag has to be PRINTED with the word DONATE, no tags with handwritten donate will be sold.

100% of this money will be donated directly to the charity. You must be in line to check out at 3PM no exceptions. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN BAGS OR BINS FOR THE DOLLAR DASH!

3:15PM We start bagging the remaining donated items

3:15PM - 6PM Pick up (staggered pick up, A-H 3-4, I-P 4-5, Q-Z 5-6) YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN BAGS OR BINS FOR PICK UP