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The deadline to register AND enter your items for our
Fall 2020 Wee-Sale is SATURDAY Sept 19th at midnight!

Why consign with Wee-Sale?

  1. Make money on your lightly used items!
  2. Earn 40-70% of your sales.... YOU choose how much you earn!
    • 40% - Have OUR TEAM enter, hang, tag and bring your items to the sale for you. (Work 1 - 4 hour shift and earn your consignor fee back, work 2 - 4 hour shifts and earn 5% more AND you consginor fee back, email us for more specifics over 2 shifts)
    • Email us at if you are interested in the busy mom option.
    • 60% - Our BASE commission is now 60%!
    • 60% - Work one 4 hour shifts and earn 60%, AND earn your $15 consignor fee back! AND shop earlier with 4 hour team members.
    • 65% - Work two 4 hour shifts and earn 65%, AND earn your $15 consignor fee back! AND shop earlier with 8 hour team members.
    • 70% - Work three 4 hour shifts and earn 70% and shop earlier (*If you work 3 shifts, one of your shifts MUST be on Thursday - opening day! OR on "pack-up" (2nd) Sunday -- This option is only available if there are shifts open))
    • 70% - Work four 4 hour shifts and earn 70% and shop earlier (If you want to earn 70% and you are not able to work on Thursday you may do four shifts and one does NOT have to be on Thursday!)
    • Quick payment - your check will be mailed within 3 weeks of the sale, we also have the option to receive your payment electronically.
    • MUCH less work than selling on eBay.
    • You do NOT have to be present to sell -- unless you want to be.

Sounds great! What do I do now?

  1. Register to consign. NOTE: There is minimum number of 30 items to consign with us.
  2. Sign up to help out. (If you have time to help at the sale -- you earn more money AND earn your $15 consignor fee back).
  3. SIgn up for a drop-off appointment. All consignors must make an appointment.
  4. Price your items.
  5. Enter your items into our web-inventory system.
  6. Print your tags onto white 8 1/2 x 11 card stock, cut tags & attach to items (for clothing attach with safety pins to upper right hand of garment as you face the item, for toys and other items use packing tape - unless it will damage the item, then please use painters tape.
    For "Big Ticket" items: (any item larger than an ikea shopping bag) PLEASE do not affix tag to the item. When you come to drop your items off, you will bring the items with the tags to our "Large Item" team in the front where our team will make a "claim" tag for the item. It is very important that the tags do not get separated from the items at drop off. So please check with a volunteer when leaving your items in this area.
  7. Bring you items to our sale.
  8. Come to shop!
  9. Pick up your items on Sunday or donate them to charity.
    • Our Charity is The Mission of Peace

MAXIMUMS/MINIMUMS - Do you have maximums or minimums at your sale?

Yes, for our wee-sale we have a minimum number of items to consign of 30.

We have a NEW maximum for our wee-sale of 150 items (lower for our fall 2020 sale), For clothing we have a MAX of 50 hanging clothing items for our fall 2020 sale.

So you forgot to enter something? OR you missed the cut off to consign!

Now you will be able to enter items between Sunday and Wednesday for RESTOCKING! **For Fall 2020 you will also be able to restock 50 hanging clothing items and 50 other items for a total of 100 items ** Restocking drop off will be Thursday NIGHT and Friday between 8-10AM!

**So we will have NEW inventory For Friday of our sale!**

HELP! - Too busy to enter your items yourself? Use our "Busy Mom" service and drop your items with her and she will do all the work! You earn 40% and pay a one time "drop" fee ($30) to her. Email to find out the details and arrange a drop off time with one of our "team members". You can still earn more if you can join our team!

We charge a $15 consignor fee (payable when you register via paypal) and this will be refunded in your check if you help out at the sale. (Sorry, this fee is non-refundable if you decide not to consign, as we pay for our computer software for each consignor registered!)

Click here to register as a consignor!

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