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Contact & FAQs

Contact us at with any other questions not answered below! is run by Mimi Shea. Mimi and her husband Kieran live in Severna Park and are avid sailors. They have two daughters. Mimi loves to recycle and wanted all area Moms to have a place to do this and make some money at the same time! Wee-Sale was started by Mimi, our first sale was in the spring of 07 and is not a franchise, or affiliated with any other sale (other than our ladies sale, She-Sale!).

Is there a consignor fee?

Yes, have a consignor fee for each of our sales, this helps pay for various costs and fees. Due to increased costs at our facility we have had to raise this fee to $15. This $15 is refunded if you help out at the sale, so consider joining our team!

What is this RESTOCKING feature?

This is a great feature where, if you enter all your items in and you find something you forgot or want to add after the cut off (or if you miss the cut off), you may enter items between Sunday and Wednesday night and then bring them to drop off on Thursday night or Friday morning! This means you get yet another opportunity to sell your item and the shoppers get more inventory on Friday! The only category we WON'T be restocking is regular clothing.

Do I have to stay to help sell my items?

No, you do not have to stay. We will sell the things for you. However if you WANT to join our team, you can earn more, shop earlier and get better deals (see "Join our Team" page for options)

What is the deal with the lead (and safety) laws?

This is the deal, and it is very important. YOU as the consignor are the re-seller of the goods, so you are responsible to check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website to make sure that your equipment, toys and other items have not been recalled for safety reasons. We are not able to sell any cribs that were made before June of 2011 because of new laws!

Are you taking bumpers?

Because of safety issues with bumpers, we will no longer be accepting bumpers at our sale. We will accept only breathable bumpers. See this article on the subject:

Do you take breast pumps?

As of 2014 sales, we will no longer be taking single use breast pumps. We will take the pump if it is BRAND NEW in the box (never used) or if your pump is a multi-use pump.

I just went to sign up for my drop-off appointment, how will this work?

We have a new proceedure for drop off as of 4/16, Our team will help you unload your car, RETURNING consignors will bring in your items to "stations" by category. Once your items are unloaded and placed at their stations you are free to go! You do not have to wait for our inspectors or put your items out. NEW Consignors will ALL come into the sale so we can meet you and check over your items in person.

Which season clothing will you be taking at the upcoming sale?

At the fall sale, we will be accepting only fall and winter items. At the spring sale, we will be accepting only spring and summer items.

Is there a maximum number of items I can bring?

Yes, we have a new maximum number of items of 250, within that max there is a limit of 50 items under size 12 months. If you are a returning consignor and you have sold more than 60% of your items at a past sale, please email us for an exception to the overall limit to

Is there a minimum number of items to consign?

Yes, we have a new minimum number 30 items to consign with us.

Can I bring children to the Pre-Sale?

We strongly suggest that you NOT bring your children to the pre-sale. The sale is crowded, and we don't want anyone to get hurt!

Can I bring children with me during my work shift?

We would prefer that you NOT bring your children with you when you work. See if you can swap with another mom!

How should I price my items?

We strongly suggest you set the price at 25-30% of the retail value. Baby Equipment, Furniture and Large Indoor/Outdoor Toys usually sell for more and are in high demand, you can price those closer to 30%-40% of retail depending on condition. We have an abundance of 0-3T sizes, so they must be priced competitively in order to sell.

Boutique items can be priced 1/3 of what you paid for them, depending on the brands. Be fair and honest please, as you would want someone else to be -- everyone is getting great deals here, let's spread the love!

Can I use wire hangers?

Use children's plastic hangers for sizes 10 and below. Use larger plastic hangers for sizes 12 and above. No wire hangers, please!

Will my hangers be returned?

Sorry, but you will not be able to get your hangers back. They go with the outfits as they are sold. May we suggest buying lots of clothing at our sale to replenish your hangers? We would suggest that you buy your hangers early as local stores tend to sell out right before the sale!

How do I secure small pieces with Toys or Equipment?

Place them in a ziploc bag and then seal the ziploc with clear packing tape. This is important, as little hands get into the bags and spread toys around.

When I price items in a ziploc bag, how do I attach the price tag?

Attach the tag to the bag with packing tape.

What happens to my items if they do not sell?

If your items do not sell, you can either pick them up or donate them to charity at the end of the sale.

What if my item is not worth your minimum price guideline of $3.00?

If it meets our "high quality" standards, then group items by two or more. Try to match outfits together as much as possible when grouping as they will sell better. Cable tie the hangers of the outfits together or if it is toys, group them in a ziploc bag and put one price for the entire group.

Can I use a tagging gun?

Yes, of course! A tagging gun will make your tagging to much more quickly. Please put the tag on the inside collar label of the item so as not to damage the garment.

Should I iron my clothes?

Wrinkled clothes do not sell! We will likely send them home to you if they are extremely wrinkled. Please do what is necessary to make your clothes look clean and nice. Remember, the better they look, the more likely they are to sell!

I have a really great outfit but it has a small stain, will it be accepted?

Sorry, any items with stains will be turned away. Don't be offended if you get to the sale and we find something with a stain, it happens to all of us! We strive to have the best quality clothing around.

What if I have a boutique item with a small stain?

We will accept boutique items only that have SMALL imperfections -- they will be stamped with a red stamp at drop-off "IMPERFECT-AS IS". Please point any imperfections out to our inspectors and price the item accordingly. We will NOT be giving any discounts for such marked items, Items will be priced "as is".

Will you be featuring local businesses?

Yes! Check our sponsor page for the latest information.