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  1. Gather Supplies

    • Card stock (white 8 1/2 x11, you can buy at Office Depot or WalMart, Target, etc)
    • Safety Pins (OR tagging gun)
    • Cable ties or "zip" ties (buy zip ties at the dollar store or Home Depot) are great to hold things together that you want to sell together
    • Plastic hangers (either new ones from the dollar store or ones from clothing stores in your closet)
  2. Organize Items
    • Organize the items you are selling. The more organized you are, the quicker Drop Off will be! Sort your items by GENDER and SIZE before you start.
  3. Get Ready!
    • Wash, iron, repair buttons, gather loose pieces of toys and do what is necessary to ensure that your items are in excellent condition. Items will not be accepted that do not meet our guidelines. Please CLEAN toys and equipment.
  4. Enter Your Items!
    • Register to consign and then enter your items into our web-inventory system. THEN you will be able to print your tags within our system (tags will print out 10 to a page, please use card stock -- a heavy paper)
  5. Tag Your Items!
    • Clothing: for regular clothing, pin tag in top right shoulder of the garment as the garment is facing you
      Toys/books/accessories: for most of these items, use clear packing tape to affix the tag. If you think the item will be damaged by the tape, then use painters tape
      Large Items Please do not attach tags to large items, when you bring your large items into the drop off, please bring them to the "large item drop" area and our volunteers will make a "claim" ticket for the item


  • Clothing must be smoke and odor free!
  • Hang clothing on plastic hangers. Please have the hanger look like a question mark.

  • When the item is facing you, pin the tag to the right shoulder of the item. Please do NOT pin coats or raincoats in front right shoulder so you do not damage the garment, please pin in the neck of the garment. If you are using a tagging gun PLEASE do not make a hole in the garment, when using tagging gun, please tag in seam under the right arm.
  • Please PIN items to hanger to make sure they do not fall off the hanger onto the floor! We spend hours picking itms off the floor. If the items get separated from the tag (which often happens to grouped items that are not properly pinned) we do not know who the item belongs too!


For our FAll 2020 sale, due to limted space we now have an OVERALL limit of 150 items -- There is a 50 item MAX for all clothing items, and a 10 MAX for shoes, howevery you may bring 50 more clothing items during RE-STOCKING -- If you are grouping in this size, please limit your grouping to 3 items per group. This limitation is not enforced on the computer, but at drop off, so please bring your best items! Boutique will NOT be counted within this 50.

We will not be taking MATERNITY or JUNIORS for FAll 2020, please save these categories for the She-Sale.

All clothing should be hung on hangers, the

only clothing that should go into zip lock bags would be onsies

. Please bag by size and do NOT put stained onsies in the middle of the pack please! These items WILL be counted toward the 30 item rule. Bibs and blankets are also fine in zip locks, but will not be counted toward the 30 items.

Please check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website for recalled items.

Please hang on children's size plastic hangers. You can reuse hangers you have from new clothing you have purchased, or you can get hangers at Target, WalMart (The best deal on hangers is at WalMart!), Kmart, Dollar Tree, etc. Hanger should look like a question mark when you are looking at the front of the garment. Start buying hangers early, the local stores often sell out of the children's size close to the sale! No wire hangers please!

The better they look, the better they sell! Please take time to wash items and iron your clothes if necessary. Please check for stains, broken zippers, torn hemlines, etc. The clothing should be odor free (Please no smoky smelling clothing!). We will be double checking at the sale and will not receive any item that is not in excellent condition. Use children's plastic hangers for sizes 10 and below. Use larger plastic hangers for sizes 12 and above. Items must be less than 5 years old and still "in fashion". Things will be turned away if they look dated or too "loved".

Please group items together so that they will equal a value of at least $3.00. If you are grouping clothing, please group outfits together so they match as much as possible. People don't want to have to search for a top or bottom to match a single item.

Please use cable ties or zip ties to tie the hangers together so they cannot come apart easily (through the shoulder of the hanger, not over the top as the cable tie will slip off!).

Toys may be grouped together in Ziploc bags. For example, if you have some small toys to sell, put 3-4 together in a bag! $3.00 is the minimum price, so think about what you would pay $3.00 for! When you put a price tag on an item, make sure the tag is secure on the item. Use packing tape to affix the tag to the item, we need to remove every tag for our accounting. We want to make sure you get paid! If you put something in a Ziploc bag, tape it shut with packing tape, especially toys. Little hands often open the bags and then the toys are all spread around the room while mom is shopping.

All pants must be pinned to a hanger, not folded over, as they tend to end up on the floor. Please do not jam a hanger in a pair of pants. It will ruin the pants and they will look terrible. Safety pin the pants onto a hanger. Safety pin all sets and accessories securely together, with pants pinned to the hanger. Both pieces need to be viewable without unpinning them. If you are selling a set, top and bottom, the best way to do this is to put them on separate hangers and zip tie the hangers together tightly. This will make it very clear that they go together. The items must be visible without taking them off the hanger, otherwise everything ends up on the floor.If you have a shirt or something that looks like it might fall off a hanger, it will! Pin it to itself inside the hanger so it is sure to not fall off. We pick many things off of the floor and then they are separated from their other items and it is hard to keep track of.


Unless it is new and in the package!


As of spring 2013 we will not be accepting VHS tapes.


As of spring 2013 we will not be accepting bumpers, please bring breathable bumpers only.


We will take belts and other accessories, (tights need to be new in package) but NO JEWELRY due to lead laws.


We perfer that you NOT put shoes in a zip lock bag, take a hole punch and punch a hole in the tag, then zip tie the shoes together and that way you can use the same zip tie to tie the shoes together as well put the tag on.

If there is no way to zip tie the shoes together, you may use a zip lock bag, but if you use a bag, please make sure that the tag is attached to the shoe, not the bag. Otherwise it is likely to get separated from the shoes. Also tape the top of the zip lock bag closed for security.

Maternity Clothing ***NOTE*** - We will not be accepting Maternity for Fall 2020 Wee-Sale, please save it for the She-Sale

Maternity clothing does not sell as well as the children's clothing, because of this we have a 15 item limit for this category. Please bring your best and price it to sell! If you sell maternity clothing we recommend that after the sale you transfer any unsold items to the She-Sale. If the She-Sale falls first on our calendar that season, put maternity in She-Sale first and then transfer unsold to Wee-Sale.

***Special Note - Children's Boutique Clothing***

Your high dollar boutique name brands will be placed on the sales floor in a special "Wee-Sale Boutique". This will give you the chance to get top dollar for your more expensive items. Your boutique items should be priced at 30-40% of what you paid, if they are in excellent condition. Lilly Pulitzer is very popular, you could price that brand at 50% of retail.

This is the largest selection of lightly used (and NEW) boutique clothing ever assembled at a consignment sale. Other sales have copied our format, but none have come close to duplicating the quality that we get from our consignors (that is according to our consignors who shop at many sales).

We will also accept boutique shoes, diaper bags, bedding (breathable bumpers only) and other items as well, please just ask at drop-off! Please separate your boutique clothing at drop off. These items will be sorted. Clothing placed in the boutique will be at our discretion. If we do not feel that your items are suitable for the boutique area, we will place them in the regular racks for sale. These items must be in excellent condition as well, if they are boutique -- yet worn, they will be placed on the regular racks.

Only clothing bought in children boutique shops will be placed in the boutique. It will depend on the name brand. We are talking about brands like Lilly Pulitzer, Anavini, Baby Sarah, Nick Nack Patty Wack, Sarah Louise, Flap Happy, Baby LuLu. Some higher end brands that you can buy at a discount at Marshalls or TJ Max will NOT be included. Ralph Lauren is not boutique. Here is a list of examples of boutique brands:


Anita G
Amanda Remembered
American Girl
Angel Dear
At Home
Archimede – bathing suits from France
Art Kids
Baby Beau and Belle
Baby Biscotti
Baby LuLu
Baby Luigi
Baby Nay
Baby Sarah
Bailey Babies
Baley Boys
Banana Cabana
Baxter & Beatrice
Bees and Dragons
Berlingot – very very special pieces from France
Best & Co
Betti Terrell
Bianni Baby
Big Fish
Billy Blush
Bliss – Bella Bliss
Bon Bon
Bootie Baby
Boys n' Berries
Bognar & Piccolini
Carriage Boutique
Calico Monkey
C’est Chouette
Charlie Rocket
Classic Child
Cloud Mine
Coco Bon Bon
Collins and Hall
Corky & Co.
Coton Colors
Cottontail Originals
Cozy Toes
Crew Cuts
CW Kids
DAPM (French)
Daily Tea
Dogwood Clothing Company
Dolce Lali
Duex Par Deux
E Land Kids
Ella Moss
English Roses
Feather Baby
Feltmen Brothers
Flap Doodles
Flap Happy
Florence Eiseman
Frances Johnston
Franklyn & Daisy
Funtasia Too
Garnett Hill
Giggle Moon
Gilda Marx
Girl & Co.
Goodnight Lulu
Good Lad
Gordon & Co.
Gossip Girl
Grandma Nes
Greggy Girl
Hanna Andersson
Hanna Banana
Hanna Kate
Haute Baby
Haven Girl
Helly Hansen
House of Hatten

Hula Bear
Icky Baby
Imp Originals
I'm Yours
Isabel Garreton
Jacob's Ladder
Jaffa by Oink! Baby
Janie & Jack
Jane Copeland
JC Grasshopper
Jean Bourget
Jen Jen
Jenna & Jessie
Joes (jeans)
Julie Tenant
Kash Ten
Katie & Co.
Kate Mack
KC Parker
Kayia Eve
K. Kauff-men
Kelly’s Kids
Kissy Kissy
Lavender Blue
Le Cirque
Le Top
Le Za Me
Lemon Loves Lime
Les Bebes du Paradis
Lili Gaufrette
Lilly Pulitzer
Little Lubballo
Little Mass
Little Traditions
Little Things Mean a Lot
Lola Baby
Lola et Moi
Lullaby Set
Luna Luna
Mad Sky
Maggie Breen
Maria Elena
Martimus jackets
Mattie & Me
Meli Meli
Mim Pi
Mimi & Maggie
Miss Tee V Us
Misha Lulu
Michael Simon
Molly & Millie
Monday's Child
Mulbery Street
My Boy Sam
My Pool Pal
My Vintage Baby
Naartjie Kids
Nick Nack Patty Wack
Nobody's Business
One Love Baby
Orient Express
Painting Red Rhinos
Papa d’anjo
Peaches 'n Cream
Petit Ami
Petit Bateau
Petit Boy
Petit Faune
Petit Patapon
Pepper Toes
Perry Ellis
Piccino Piccina
Pineapple Kiss
Pippa & Julie
Planet Sea
Planet Sea
Queen Bee
Rebecca Rags
Relecs Furniture

Remember Nguyen
Room Seven
Rosalina Sir John
Rosetta Millington
Royal Child/Royal Kidz
Sam's Friend
Sarah Louise
Sarah Sarah
Secret Wishes
Silly Goose
Sister Sam
Sixth Alice
Something about Jake
Sophie Dress
St. James
Susanne Lively
Suss Designs
Sweet Baby Jess
Sweet Potatos
Talbot’s Kids
Tartine et Chocolate
Tea Collection
Tee Party
Tickles & Giggles
Tony Tierney
Trish Scully
Tucker & Tate
TV Sports Tennis
US Angles
Victoria Kids
Vineyard Vines
Vive Le Fete
Young Land
Young Colors
Zackali 4 Kids
ZaZa Couture
Z Layette


All Things Creative
Ma Marie
Magic Moon
Relics Furniture
Vintage Kids Furniture
Stanley Furniture (Caroline, Isabella)
Bratt Decor
Clark & Lee

Toys & Gifts

Mullins Square
Mud Pie
Wrap Up (blankets)


Just Too Cute: Lamps, Tuffets, Tea Sets, etc
Enchanted Baby (moses blankets)
Artwork for Kids
Glenna Jean

Designer Diaper Bags

Petunia Pickle Bottom
Kate Spade

Dress Up

Puppet Workshop


Boutique shoes will be placed with regular shoes, we have found that they sell better there.

What if I have a boutique item with a small stain?
We will accept boutique items only that have SMALL imperfections -- they will be stamped with a red stamp at drop-off "IMPERFECT-AS IS". Please point any imperfections out to our inspectors and price the item accordingly. We will NOT be giving any discounts for such marked items, Items will be priced "as is".

Sporting Gear

Sporting gear sells well, as mentioned before, please price appropriately. If there are balls that go with an item, put in Ziploc backs and tape together with clear packing tape. Lacrosse equipment also sells very well. As with all shoes, cleats and sporting shoes must be in good condition and clean. Sailing gear is very desirable. Make sure life jackets are in good working order and dry suits and spray tops cannot have tears.


It is best to package a bedding set together in a clear plastic bag with zipper. These can also be purchased at discount stores, or re-use the ones you have at home from recently purchased bedding. (those new zip lock big bags are great for this!) Try not to overprice your bedding. We know it was expensive, but think about what you would pay for it. Sets over $50 rarely sell. If you have boutique bedding you might be better to try it on eBay.


Because of safety concerns with bumpers, we will only accept "Breathable bumpers" Read this article for more information:


Hang and pin blankets over hangers so that shoppers can see them. If they are small receiving blankets, group 2 or 3 together in a Ziploc bag and seal with clear plastic tape. Safety pin tag to Ziploc bag.


Group books in ziplock bags or wrap with saran wrap to keep together. PLEASE have all the spines of the books going the same way so when we put them on the shelves the shoppers can see all the titles at a glance without picking up every book. This will help keep our shelves neat during the sale. Use masking tape or blue tape to attach tags to books so they don't rip the paper OR if in Ziplock bags use packing tape. Please do not tape over the bar codes.

Breast Pumps and Bottles, Sipy Cups, etc.

As of spring 2014 we will no longer be taking single use breastpumps unless the are BRAND NEW, never used. We will take multi-use breast pumps. Any bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers or anything a child eats with with MUST be BPA free. We will turn away any items that are not BPA free. This is per the CPSC laws.

Misc Items

Bibs, rattles, socks, bows, etc group together appropriately in Ziploc bags. Seal with clear packing tape. Pin or packing tape the tag to Ziploc bag. It also helps to write your consignor code on the Ziploc with a Sharpie in case the tag comes off during the sale.

Toys, Furniture, Equipment

Must be clean and in working order (batteries included). Small parts must be bagged and attached to the main part very securely. If parts get separated it will not sell. Games should be taped closed. Puzzles, books, videos and small toys should be grouped accordingly and put in Ziploc bags. Secure with clear packing tape tag to the Ziploc bag. It is also good to write your consignor number and info on the Ziploc bag with a Sharpie in case the tag comes off. Puzzles should be wrapped securely in clear Saran wrap to keep the pieces intact. We do not accept plush animals (stuffed animals), they do not sell!


NOTE: Due to crib recalls, Wee-Sale will no longer accept cribs manufactured before June 28th, 2011. Please read these new safety standards if you are considering buying or selling a crib:

Due to the recent toy recalls as well as the new lead laws, we ask our consignors to check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website to make sure your toys, equipment and car seats have not been recalled. This item will be added to our consignor checklist at drop-off. We will not take children's jewelry due to the new lead laws. Please remember YOU are the re-seller, not Wee-Sale. We are just facilitating the sale.

Diaper Pails and Potty Training Items

We WILL be selling diaper genies, diaper pails, potty training rings and little potties. HOWEVER, they MUST be clean! Please wash them with a bleach solution thoroughly. Any items which are not clean will not be accepted at drop-off.

Car Seats

Your car seat must have been manufactured within the past five years. It must not be subject to recall or have been in an accident. Here is the website to check to see if it has been recalled, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. All seat covers and straps must be thoroughly cleaned. Car seats will be closely inspected for safety reasons. You will be asked to fill out and sign a car seat questionnaire at drop-off. Please remove the covers and wash before you bring them in. Unfortunately our charity cannot take car seats any more, so if your car seat does not sell, we will have to throw it away.