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Shop FAQs

Are you a store?

We are not a store. We hold seasonal sales events in the spring and fall in Maryland (as well as our ladies sale, the She-Sale).

I am a new mom, is there any way for me to shop early at the Wee-Sale?

Yes, in fact we have a "new mom" shopping time on our pre-sale night. You need to be a pregnant mom or have a child less than 1 year old to participate. A limited number of passes will be available for purchase, see our NEWS section at the bottom of our home page for links to the NEW Mom Registration!

Is there an entry fee at your sale?

There is no fee to shop at any of our sales during our public sale times. We will have a limited number of passes available for purchase for our "new mom" shop (see above).

Will strollers or children be allowed at the sale?

Please no children or strollers for fall 2120 sale due to covid -19, sorry for any inconvenience!

How do I carry my clothes while I am shopping?

We suggest you bring a laundry basket or bag to carry your items around the sale. Large bags will need to be checked at the door. We will have a limited number of shopping bags. Opening day is very busy and we may not have enough bags for all of you!

Also, all bags (handbags and diaper bags) as well as strollers will be checked when you exit the sale for security reasons. Leave any personal items in your car or at home.

What if I buy something and get it home and it does not fit my child? Can I return it?

All sales are final, no exchanges, returns or refunds. We suggest that you hold on to the item and sell it at our next sale. Of course if you find an item that does not function properly, please bring it back before our sale ends and we will refund your money.

Will there be a HOLD area at the sale if I see something large I want to buy?

Sorry, there is no hold area, however we have a system for large items.

Will you take credit cards and checks?

We will take MasterCard, Discover, Visa and of course, cash is always king, sorry no checks, or American Express! We will have a cash line and an express line, so bring cash to check out faster!

Other Tips

-Bring a list with your children's measurements (sorry clothing cannot be removed from hangers to try on).
-Bring your measuring tape.
-Bring a cardboard cut-out of your child's foot.
-Bring a friend with you to double your fun!
-Try to swap with a friend or get a sitter for your kids, the sale will be busy and it is for their safety!

-Children will not be allowed to play with the toys on sale, please keep them by your side, or better yet, leave them at home with family or friends!