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We are a seasonal consignment sale in Maryland. We offer gently used high quality brand name children's clothing (sizes 0-16), and gear. Toys, nursery items, car seats, high chairs, strollers, cribs, children's sporting equipment, pack-n-plays, children's furniture, maternity clothing and more, can be found at amazing savings!

Sale News

**Unfortunately** for the first time in 13 years we will have to reschedule our spring Wee-Sale due to the Coronavirus outbreak (more details below) The Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex has suspended any events with more than 250 people going forward. 1. We are searching for a new venue for May/June to reschedule the event, any assistance is appreciated due to the PG Sports & Learning Complex
is putting in a new bleacher system and cannot accommodate different dates. 2. If you are a consignor, your fee will roll forward to the next event
3. If you have already started entering items, your items will REMAIN in the system, your work is safe!
4. If you are a new mom and have purchased a ticket to shop early, your ticket will roll forward to the next event
5. Stay tuned for up to date news here, on our website under NEWS or watch your email!
Thanks for your understanding and stay healthy and calm. NEW MOM SHOP We have a NEW mom shop at our Wee-sale!
A limited number of new moms will be able to shop at our pre-sale for the price of $10. Go to this link to sign up!

FRIDAY SHOPPING TIME CHANGE We have EARLIER close times on Friday for our sale! Friday shopping will close at 7PM

NEW: Work 2nd Sunday For More Credit! For those consignors who want to shop earlier AND earn 70% we have added the ability to work on "pack up" Sunday combined with two other shifts to earn 70%
See the volunteer page for more info.

CONSIGNOR LIMITS For the upcoming sale we STILL HAVE a limit of 50 items from size 0-12 months but we no longer have other individual size limits, however now there is an **OVERALL item limit of 250 items**, you may email Mimi for an exception to this rule if you have sold 60% or more of your items at a previous sale! We also still have an item limit of 15 items for maternity items. Please email us with any questions about this at

RESTOCKING So you forgot to enter something? OR you missed the cut off to consign! Now you will be able to enter items between Sunday and Wednesday for RESTOCKING! Restocking drop off will be Thursday NIGHT and Friday between 8-10AM! **So we will have NEW inventory For Friday of our sale!** We will be restocking ALL categories EXCEPT for regular clothing, boutique clothing may be restocked, toys, gear, books, etc.