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We are a seasonal consignment sale in Maryland. We offer gently used high quality brand name children's clothing (sizes 0-16), and gear. Toys, nursery items, car seats, high chairs, strollers, cribs, children's sporting equipment, pack-n-plays, children's furniture, maternity clothing and more, can be found at amazing savings!

Sale News

We have a NEW LOCATION for our FAll Wee-Sale!,
The sale will be at the Benfield Sports Center, 1031 Benfield Blvd, Millersville, MD 21108.

PLEASE NOTE: This location is much smaller than our usual location so we will have limited space. We are reducing our overall item inventory limits to 150 items, 50 of which can be hanging clothing items, and a 10 item shoe limit. We will have RE-STOCKING on Thursday 9/24 and Friday 9/25, you may bring 50 more hanging items at this time plus gear toys, etc.

NEW MOM SHOP passes are available NOW! We have a NEW mom shop at our Wee-sale!
A limited number of new moms will be able to shop at our pre-sale for the price of $10. Go to this link to sign up!

Public Shopping Passes Public Shopping Passes will be available shortly, please check back here for links!

FAll 2020 CONSIGNOR LIMITS For the upcoming sale we HAVE a limit of 50 items limit for HANGING clothing items due to limited rack space. We also have a limit of 10 shoes, and an overall limit of 150 items.

Category Changes
For the Fall 2020 Wee-Sale we will have these changes to categories/inventory
*No Maternity, save for Fall She-Sale
*No Juniors, save for Fall She-SAle
*No Summer items (swimsuits, tank tops, shorts (except excersise shorts), sandles, pool gear
*Boutique clothing will be included with general clothing (no space for separate racks)
Please email us with any questions about this at

RESTOCKING So you forgot to enter something? OR you missed the cut off to consign! Now you will be able to enter items between Sunday and Wednesday for RESTOCKING! Restocking drop off will be Thursday NIGHT and Frida between 8-10AM! **So we will have NEW inventory For Friday of our sale!** We will be restocking up to 50 hanging clothing items and any other categories