Maryland area moms!

Are you ready to find your next great deal on high-quality children’s clothes, toys, and gear?

Then you’ll want to shop at the upcoming Wee-Sale Consignment Pop-Up event in your area!

Wee-Sale is MD’s premier consignment event that only happens twice a year. This is your chance to get your hands on those boutique kids’ items without having to pay the boutique price tags!

Grab your shopping bestie and that IKEA bag that’s been floating around in your car, and make your way to our upcoming event.

Children's clothing and toys sold at a pop-up consignment sale in Maryland, Wee-Sale

Shop the Spring 2022 Pop-Up!

When you shop our consignment events, you could almost get lost! You’ll find rack after rack, after rack of amazing deals!

Other local MD moms like you are passing on their gorgeous, gently used, high-quality children’s apparel and gear from sizes 0-16!

We all know kids grow out of even the snazziest duds SO FAST! Now you can snag the brands you love without breaking the bank.

Wee-Sale’s pop-up events are FREE to shop during public shopping hours.

And, if we’re honest, that’s because one time through the racks may not be enough…

You’ll want to drop back in on Saturday when almost EVERYTHING is 25% off!

And then you’ll want to swing by again on Sunday when almost EVERYTHING is 50% off!

Block off your weekend and come shop and save at the Wee-Sale Consignment Pop-Up event!

Spring 2022 Location:

7736 Ritchie Hwy, Glen Burnie, MD 21061, United States

Spring 2022 Dates + Times

Saturday, March 12th

LAST DAY to register and enter your items (11:59pm)

Sunday, March 13th

10am – 5pm: Drop Off for ALL registered consignors.

Monday, March 14th

10am - 8pm

Drop off for ALL registered consignors

Tuesday, March 15th

9am - 6pm

9am – 11am: Drop off for ALL registered consignors

1pm: Specialist Shop

2pm – 6pm: 16 Money mamas/managers

3pm – 6pm: 16 hour workers

Wednesday, March 16th

Pre-Sale Day: 1pm - 8pm

1pm: 12 hour workers

2pm: 8 hour workers

3pm: 4 hour workers

4pm: Consignors

5pm – 8pm: VIP/New Mom Shop! 200 tickets available for this shopping time. Tickets are $15/person. New Moms can bring ONE helper with them included in this price.

7pm – 8pm: Teachers

Doors close at 8pm, however registers will remain open until 9pm

Thursday, March 17th

9am - 7pm

No walking children allowed before 12pm on opening day.

7pm: Sale closes for the day

Friday, March 18th

10am - 6pm

10am – 6pm: Open to Public!

6pm: Sale closes for the day

Saturday, march 19th

25% off day: 9am - 6pm

6pm: Sale closes for the day

sunday, march 20th

50% off day: 9am - 3pm

3pm – 6pm: Pick-up unsold items

3pm – 4pm: Consignor pick-up for last name beginning with A-G

4pm – 5pm: Consignor pick-up for last name beginning with H-M

5pm – 6pm: Consignor pick-up for last name beginning with N-Z

**You must bring your own bags or bins for pick-up!**

Monday, march 21st

DOLLAR DASH + PICK-UP: 9am – 11am

9am – 11am: Dollar Dash for registered consigners

New Dollar Dash Pricing (CASH ONLY):

Clothing: $1/item

Items priced under $50: $1

Items priced $50-$99: $5/item

Items priced over $100: $10/item

11am: We start bagging the remaining items for donation

3pm: Mission of Peace picks-up donations and cash from Dollar Dash.

Our smiling team of volunteers will be ready to help you shop and check out your new finds. All major credit cards and cash accepted!

Wee-Sale pop-up events specialize in high-quality children’s items size 0-16!

Children's clothing sold at a pop-up consignment sale in Maryland, Wee-Sale

Hey NEW Moms!

If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy or have a child under the age of one, you could get exclusive access to our VIP presale shopping event!.

VIP shoppers can browse and buy Wednesday, March 16th from 5 to 8 pm, before the event is open to the public.

Want exclusive access to presale shopping as early as TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY?

This is how you get the steal of the century!

Join the Wee-Sale team for a few shifts during the event and earn your spot to shop early, before public access, and even BEFORE the VIP shoppers!

Children's sporting equipment sold at a pop-up consignment sale in Maryland, Wee-Sale

Not only can you shop and save on gently used, high-quality items, but you can also register to sell items of your own and earn 40%-70% in commissions!

Children's toys sold at a pop-up consignment sale in Maryland, Wee-Sale

Wee-Sale’s goal has always been to promote sustainable shopping and support local MD moms.

If you have gently used, high-quality, or brand-name children’s items that you could do without, bring them to our next sale!

We’ve structured our packages so you CHOOSE how much you earn based on your level of participation at the pop-up event.

If your kid’s closet could use a declutter session…

If you could use a little extra cash for items they’ve outgrown…

If you are ready to take back those toy trunks and restore order…

If you want exclusive early bird access to presale shopping AND our cash only, Dollar Dash event on Monday…

REGISTER to sell your items and earn 40%-70% in commissions!

You won’t get this chance again until FALL!

Shop and save the Spring Pop-Up!

Get your hands on seasonal equipment, fresh stock of toys, and adorable clothes for your little loved ones.

We can't wait to see you at our next consignment pop-up!