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Maryland's premier consignment pop-up for gently used children’s apparel and gear for over 15 years!

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Anne Arundel County

October 9 - 13, 2024

PG County

September 18 - 22, 2024

Kids Come With SO. MUCH. STUFF!

How can something that starts out so tiny and adorable acquire so many things? It fills closets, trunks, bins, and the dreaded underbelly of your kid’s bed. As birthdays, holidays, and indulgent grandparents kick in over 16+ years, all that stuff adds up!

What if it could add up in your bank account instead?!

Chances are, your stockpile of quality kid’s gear has lots of life left to give! Sure, you could take it all to the thrift store or even the landfill…But then you wouldn’t see a dime! NO THANK YOU!

Wee-Sale is a seasonal consignment pop-up in MD, offering gently used children’s items from sizes 0-16. We help smart moms like you make the connection from closet to cash by consigning your gently used clothes, accessories, gear, and toys at our pop-up events!

Cash out your kid’s closet and take your trunks full of toys all the way to the bank!

Simple + Savvy

Unburden your closets of outgrown clothes and your trunks of unwanted toys and sell your gently used, quality items at our next pop-up event.

You can take the easy road and have a Wee-Sale team member bag and tag everything for you OR you can prep it all yourself for a little boost in commissions.

Family First

You’re not just a mom. You’re the boss of a multifaceted and complex family unit; you work hard to take care of your family. And you have good taste!

Earn up to 70% for your gently used children’s clothes, accessories, and gear! It just makes cents.


With every generation we bring into this world, the need for sustainability practices increases.

Recent studies show consignment and resale are quickly outpacing fast fashion! First Research estimates the resale industry in the U.S. will reach $64 billion by 2028. That’s BILLION with a B!

Playful + Friendly

At Wee-Sale, we like to have FUN! Our smile-ready team members are pro moms and parents, like you!

We strive to make every event a positive and playful experience you can’t wait to repeat. Earn more by joining our pop-up team!

Owners of Wee-Sale, Jessica and Kim

The Wee-Sale Mission

The mission has always been to help MD moms generate a little cash while also creating a more sustainable lifestyle. Wee-Sale.com was founded in 2007 and is now run by long time Wee-Sale Pop-Up shoppers, Jessie and Kim!

They both love their new roles and are excited to jump in with both feet and offer more seasonal resale opportunities where moms like you can shop good deals AND earn money at the same time.

Simple Earning and Sustainable Practices
Are The Future of Fashion!

When you appreciate quality name brands but also love a good bargain, resale is your sweet spot!

Maryland families!! Are you ready to declutter your home and earn 40-70% commission for your gently used kids items? Get in on the action!