Wee-Sale Pop-Up Event’s
Frequently Asked Questions!

Thought of something that’s not listed? Reach out to our team, and we’ll get back to you!

Shopping FAQs

Is Wee-Sale a store?
Nope! We hold seasonal pop-up sales events in the spring and fall in Maryland.
Can I Get VIP Access?
Yes! Make this an event for you and a friend to remember! Congratulations! We offer an exclusive, VIP Presale Shopping night!
Is There an Entry Fee at Your Sale?
There is no fee to shop at any of our sales during the public sale hours.
Will Strollers or Children Be Allowed at the Sale?
Please no children or strollers on opening day until noon. However, both are welcome any other day of the sale! Sorry for any inconvenience!
How Do I Carry My Items While I am Shopping?
We suggest you bring a laundry basket or large reusable bag to carry your items around the sale as we will only have a limited amount of grocery bags available. All purses, bags, diaper carriers, and strollers will be checked as you exit the sale by security.
What If I Buy Something and It Doesn’t Fit My Child? Can I Return It?
All sales are final, with no exchanges, returns, or refunds. Hold on to any unfortunate picks and sell them at the next Wee-Sale pop-up! If you purchased an item and found that it doesn’t function properly, please bring it back before the final day of the event and we will refund your money.
Is There A Maximum Purchase Number For Any Items?
We do not have a maximum number of purchase items. Shop to your heart's content!
Do You Take Credit Cards and Checks?
Cash is always king, but we also accept MasterCard, Discover, and Visa. Sorry, no checks or American Express. We also offer a cash-only register and an express line. Bring cash if you want to check out faster!

General shopping tips

  • Bring a list of your children’s measurements as you can’t try on clothing at the sale.
  • Throw a measuring tape in your bag!
  • Make a cardboard cut-out of your child’s foot.
  • Bring a shopping buddy to double your fun!
  • Swap babysitting for your kids as they’re not allowed on Thursday and Sunday.
  • Toys available at the event are not for entertainment. Please keep track of little hands.

Consignor FAQs

How Do I Affix Price Tags?

Print your tags onto white 8 1/2 x 11 card stock and cut them out.

For clothing:
Attach with safety pins or a tagging gun.
For safety pins, affix to the upper right hand of the garment.
For tags, attach to the inside collar label.

For toys and other items:
Affix with painters or packing tape, whichever will avoid damage.

Or, check out our YouTube channel for tutorials on how to prepare your items!

How Should I Price My Items?

We strongly suggest you set the price at 25-30% of the retail value and the minimum price is $3. Baby equipment and indoor/outdoor toys go for closer to 30%-40% of retail.


Price competitively if you want more sales! Everyone is getting great deals at Wee-Sale pop-up events, let's spread the love!

Big-Ticket or Large Items

Big-ticket or large items are anything larger than an IKEA shopping bag. Do not place a price tag on these items.

When you drop it off in the designated "Large Item" area, our team will make a "claim" tag for it. The claim tags must stay with the item at the drop-off point; make sure you hand it off to a volunteer.

CRIBS AND LARGE FURNITURE MUST BE APPROVED PRIOR TO THE SALE VIA EMAIL. Contact info@wee-sale.com to have your item approved.

What If I’m Too Busy to Enter and Prepare Inventory Myself?

We’ve got you covered! Register for our Busy Mom Package and simply drop your items with our team, and we will do all the work!

You will pay a one-time drop fee of only $30 for up to 200 items and still earn your 40% commission. ($5 per item over 200, maximum of 300 items total.)


Is There a Fee to Sell My Items?

We have worked hard to give the highest commission rates possible! To keep it that way, we charge a $15 consignor fee at the time of registration. We will refund this fee in your commission check if you sign up to work the sale with our team!

If you decide to cancel and not sell your items, this fee is nonrefundable.

Do I Have to Be Present to Sell My Items?

No, you don’t have to stick around! Our team will sell everything for you. However, you can earn higher commission rates if you sign up to work the sale with our team!


What About Safety Recalls?

YOU, as the consignor, the reseller of the goods, and are responsible for making sure your items have not been recalled. We recommend WeMakeItSafer or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Are There Any Items That Are NOT Accepted?

Please see this detailed list of items we can and cannot accept.


How Does Drop-Off Work?

We will have team members available to help you unload your car!

  • Returning consignors can hang their clothes on the rolling racks and place items on corresponding tables for inspection.
  • New Consignors must come in for individual inspection. We LOVE meeting our new moms! When your inspection is complete, our team will put items out on the floor for you.
What Kind of Clothing Will Be Accepted at the Upcoming Sale?

At the fall sale, we only accept fall and winter items. At the spring sale, we only accept spring and summer items.

Is There a Maximum Number of Items I Can Sell?

There is a 200 item limit for consignors! Bring out only your best condition, high quality kid items!

Don’t forget proper hanging techniques and batteries for those noisy toys!

Is There a Minimum Number of Items to Consign?

Yes, we require a minimum of 30 items to consign with us.

Can I Bring Children to the Pre-Sale?

Children are not allowed on opening or closing days of the sale but are welcome on Friday and Saturday.

Can I Bring Children with Me During My Work Shift?

We want parents, including you, to have a fun and joyful shopping experience. That won’t work if you’re stuck chasing your own littles! See if you can swap babysitting shifts with another parent.

Can I Use Wire Hangers?

No wire hangers, please! Use children's plastic hangers for sizes 10 and below and larger ones for sizes 12 and above.

Will I Get My Hangers Back?

Unfortunately, hangers will not be returned. Shop the sale to restock your hanger supply! Buy extra hangers early as local stores tend to sell out as the pop-up event gets closer.

How Do I Secure Small Pieces with Toys or Equipment?

Please place small pieces in plastic zip bags and seal with packing tape. Attach the price tag with packing tape.

What Happens to Items That Don’t Sell?
If your items do not sell, you can choose to pick them up or donate them to charity at the end of the sale.
What If My Item is Not Worth the Minimum of $3.00?

If the item meets our high-quality standards, group items together by two or more. Matched outfits and toy bundles sell better!

Should I Iron My Clothes Before Dropping Them Off?

Wrinkled clothes don’t sell! We will likely send them home if they’re too badly wrinkled to rack.

I Have a Really Great Outfit But It Has a Small Stain. Will It Be Accepted?

At Wee-Sale pop-up events, we strive to have the best quality clothing around. Any non-boutique items with stains will be turned away.

We will accept boutique items that have insignificant imperfections. Point these out to our team so they can be marked as imperfect and sold as-is.

Are boutique items separated from other items?

We do not separate boutique items from the rest of the sale. However, you can view a list of brands that are considered boutique.


Sell + Earn or Shop + Save with Wee-Sale Pop-Up Events!

We hope you’re excited to register for our upcoming event, please contact our team if you have any questions we didn’t answer here.