The Wee-Sale Mission

To Empower Local Maryland Families Who Want To Earn A Little Cash For Their Kid Clutter And Promote Sustainable Shopping.

Clearing Out + Cashing In

Kid stuff. It’s everywhere!

Clothes, toys, climbers, fast food meal trinkets, party gifts, seasonal accessories, and sports gear are just a drop in the bucket of things each of your children acquires.

But do they really need all that? Does any of it still fit?

That newfangled thing they just HAD TO HAVE a few months ago lies forgotten under the bed, along with a stray sock or two. And that adorable sweater you found for picture day last year is looking more like a crop top these days.

What if you could clear out the excess, outgrown, and unwanted kid clutter for a little cash in return?

Consign With Wee-Sale!

The average consignor’s check is $300, just from stuff you had lying around, taking up sacred space in your home!

Just imagine what you could do with that kind of coin!

Wee-Sale is now accepting gently used, high-quality, and boutique brand clothing, toys, and accessories for the upcoming seasonal pop-up consignment sale!

Children's toys sold at a pop-up consignment sale in Maryland, Wee-Sale
Children's blankets and stuffed animals sold at a pop-up consignment sale in Maryland, Wee-Sale

Sustainable Shopping Solutions

According to the USDA, the average cost of raising a child through age 18 is $233,610.00. Over 6% of that is just for clothing and approximately 92 million tons of clothes-related waste is discarded each year.

The fast-fashion industry consumes water equivalent to what the average human drinks over two and a half years to produce just ONE cotton shirt. With only 4.3% of the multi-billion dollar children’s apparel market made up of sustainable options, there has to be a better way!

So What Can We Do?

Children’s clothing has a far longer lifespan than most people think! The landfill should be the last place for outgrown duds.

Make these small but conscious choices to decrease the impact of your closets!


Properly care for your clothes and wash only when needed with environmentally friendly solutions.

Winklehawk or button tear got you down? Don’t chuck it! Pull out your trusty needle and thread or drop them off with grandma for a refresh!


Visit your local boutique and consignment shops when it’s time to size up or upgrade your child’s wardrobe and save on high-quality brands.


If your children’s outgrown items aren’t high-quality or have imperfections, donate them to a worthy shop that supports a cause you can get behind.


High-quality, name-brand, and boutique children’s labels hold their value far longer than toxic fast fashion brands that are produced by the ton. Get your money back! Resell those garments and pocket the profits.

Owners of Wee-Sale, Jessica and Kim

The Wee-Sale Team

HI! We’re Jessie and Kim, the new owners of Wee-Sale!

The brand was started in 2007 by our friend, Mimi Shea, and has grown into MD’s premier consignment event of the season!

We were both consignors and shoppers of the sale first. The benefits it brought us over the years, both good deals on boutique brands and cash for our kid clutter, have been such a blessing.

Having been involved for so long, we’ve enjoyed seeing the faces of repeat customers and had the pleasure of watching their kids grow up.

When the opportunity came up to run it ourselves, we were excited to take over such a successful event and grow it even further. We couldn’t do that without moms like you!

Parents ARE the mission!

Whether you want to shop responsibly and save on boutique brands or clear out the dark recesses of your kid’s bedroom, Wee-Sale is the event for you!

We can’t wait to see you at our next consignment pop-up!